Idea Tactics

idea tactics box and cards spread out on a wooden table, with a Macbook in the corner.
instructions from the big beats card:

1. Spend up to 10 minutes exploring each of the following themes, creating a Mind Map for each.

• What conflict or difficulty exists today that your idea might help defuse?
• What gap exists between a user’s ideal future, and their present state?
• What choices might they be torn between, that your idea helps them make sense of?
• What might be stopping them accepting your idea?

• What actually happens when someone interacts with your idea?
• What are the inputs?
• How does it respond to them?
• What are the key moments?
• How does it feel?

• How is the world different because of your idea?
• Why would someone feel good after interacting with it?
• If a problem has been solved, what new possibilities does that open up?

2. Pick out whatever feels intuitively true from your notes, and then either write out a version of your story or visualise it with a Storyboard.
About the author card from Idea Tactics, by Joel Stein.