My name’s Joel Stein 👋

Chaos & Co is my creative consultancy business.

My services include workshop facilitation, creative direction, brand and customer research, verbal identity, content strategy, SEO and content training, and writing.

Why Chaos & Co? Because the world isn’t neat and tidy, and as a creative, I’m OK with that. In fact, I’m excited by it.

The fantastic Amy Nolan surprised me one day by capturing my feelings in this doodle…

Doodle of a messy scribble saying "hey" to a person, who says "hey" back. Underneath is the following quote: "Chaos never disappears. so we may as well make friends with it."

My background

I’m an unapologetic generalist with an unusually broad range of skills. I’m a strong writer, an experienced facilitator, a relentless researcher, and I have deep practical experience with SEO, UX, brand, and social.

Where I’ve worked

Many years ago, I did a Masters in Media and Journalism, without fully appreciating what an elitist industry journalism still is. I got my dissertation published in a fancy journal, but I couldn’t afford to do a six-month unpaid internship in London after graduating, so I started working as a freelance content writer for brands like EasyJet.

After doing that for a while, I got a job at a small but super-smart SEO agency in Manchester, where Stacey MacNaught and Kevin Jones taught me everything they knew about ranking sites on Google and the art of digital PR. Clients included Saga, F&C Investment Trust, and Holiday Gems.

Then I moved to Code Computerlove (a respected design and innovation agency), and I stayed there for 8 years. It was a brilliant education in all things UX, product management, and brand strategy. I invented my own job title there – Content and Creativity Lead. I spent a lot of time running workshops, helping teams get better at idea generation and exploration, and helping clients build stronger digital brand experiences, supported by creative campaigns. Clients included hmv, the BBC, Bentley, JCT600, Brother, and LightSpeed Broadband.

If you don’t want to feel like you’re getting equal parts art and science behind ideas, then I suggest you don’t work with Joel. ” 

Headshot of Rich Murdoch

— Rich Murdoch, Lead Digital Product Consultant, Code Computerlove

After Code, I ran social media for the multi-million pound publishing start-up Pip Decks. Then I worked as an editorial consultant and ghostwriter for them, producing two new card decks: Productivity Tactics, and Copywriting Tactics.

Now I work for myself. Maybe you’ll be my next client? I’d love to hear from you.