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FieldMate is the new name for the popular Bayer Agronomy Tool app. We’ve updated the design, fixed some bugs, and optimised for the latest devices, so you always have access to the tools and information you need, with the reliability you expect.

What can I do with FieldMate?

Identify weeds, pest and diseases that affect your crop with our HD imagery

Find the latest documents for all Bayer Crop Science products – labels, tank mixes and more

Setup document alerts – never miss any updates to important product docs

You can do all of this offline too – once you’ve installed the app and downloaded the latest content, FieldMate works seamlessly, even when you’re out in the field without any signal.

We welcome feedback about FieldMate and we’re always looking to improve the tools we provide – you can share your thoughts and suggestions with your local technical manager, or contact us via our website: