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Client naming work


FieldMate app screens against a background of leaves

Client: Bayer CropScience


Bayer’s mobile app was previously called ‘Agronomy Tool’ 😐

After a major redesign, the app needed a new name that reflected its purpose and context.

Bayer had already developed a high-tech data-driven farming system called FieldView; whilst this wasn’t referenced in the brief for the app, it made sense to choose a name that positioned the mobile app within a wider suite of digital farming tools.

Car Boot Carnage

Client: JCT600


In order to continue their strong SEO growth, car retailer JCT600 needed a new content asset that would be popular with extremely-online audiences and build their authority around cars.

I workshopped around 100 name ideas, involving the client in the process throughout. We picked a name that would generate maximum attention and stand out in places like YouTube thumbnails when gaming YouTubers played and shared the game.

You can read more about the project here.

Data Sorbet

Client: Chris Reid


The founder of High Peak Analytics is launching a first-of-its-kind, subscription-based analytics and data support service.

As part of my messaging and identity work, I developed two potential naming routes that would give the new business maximum chance of standing out in the data consultancy space.

Note: Data Sorbet hasn’t launched yet. Watch this space!

Naming within the Joeliverse

See what I just did? I named a thing! Joel + universe = Joeliverse.

Here are some things I’ve named for myself…

My business: Chaos & Co

My newsletter: Weirdness Wins

My forthcoming card deck: Ideas On Acid

How I work

Naming is often part of a bigger messaging and identity project, but I also offer a super-affordable, lightweight naming service: Namestorm.


Cost: £600

What you get: 3 naming options to choose from.

All recommended names meet these criteria:

  • UK registered trademark is available
  • High-quality, low-cost domain is available
  • You can feasibly rank 1st on Google for the name

Got a naming brief for me?

I can’t wait to hear more!