LinkedIn, unsludgified

Want to get reactions like this on LinkedIn, every day?

Want to sustainably grow your reach, year-on-year?

I help individuals and organisations stand out on LinkedIn through:

Profile audits and rewrites

I’ll review and rewrite your headline and your story (aka ‘About’). Then I’ll refine how you describe your previous roles.

Editorial frameworks

I’ll help you identify the themes you want to be known for and define some repeatable content formats you can truly own.


I work with select clients as a ghostwriter if it’s a good fit. But I’m more interested in helping you create a sustainable system for yourself!

How it works

Kick-off workshop


Whether you just need help polishing your profile, or you’re looking for longer-term support, we’ll always start the same way; I’ll run an identity and messaging workshop with you – a 3-hour session to get clear on your what you stand for, what you offer, and why it matters.

Profile audit and rewrite


Guided by what surfaces in the workshop, I’ll identify strengths and weaknesses in your current profile. Then I’ll draft 3 headlines and 3 intros for your About section. Each will have a different tone or emphasis. The aim here is to get quick feedback and input from you so we can refine the direction and make sure it feels like you. Then I’ll finish the full rewrite and hand it over.

Editorial framework


Again, guided by what emerges in the kick-off workshop, I’ll produce a one-page playbook that captures your core content themes and a menu of distinctive, ownable formats you can rotate through when publishing on LinkedIn.


Fee negotiable depending on formats and frequency

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